Buddha Teas Chaga Tea 18bg

Buddha Teas Chaga Tea 18bg


As its nicknames suggest, Chaga mushrooms have much more to offer than a tasty herbal tea. This herbal tea is practically a treasure trove with the wealth of nutrients it provides.

Chaga is a natural source of B vitamins and has exceptionally high levels of vitamin B5.

This is because Chaga mushrooms absorb the B vitamins from the birch trees they grow on. Its mineral content includes copper, potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, calcium, and selenium.

Chaga is also known to provide a variety of antioxidants, and its prime constituents include flavonoids, amino acids, fiber, melanin, and triterpenoids.

All of this merely demonstrates a handful of what can be found in Chaga.

Ingredients: Chaga Mushroom

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