Complex C-3 Ways to Super Charge Your Immune

Complex C-3 Ways to Super Charge Your Immune


Complex C – Immune Champion

This is an immune system champion, right here!

MegaFood Complex C takes immune-supportive FoodState® Vitamin C and combines it with two powerful blends to deliver a broad spectrum of phytonutrients:

  • Organic Bioflavonoid Complex (organic amla fruit, organic green pepper, organic rose hips and organic orange peel)
  • Fruit Phenolic Blend (organic whole orange, organic cranberry and organic blueberry).*


  • FoodState®Vitamin C provides an array of immune-supportive compounds*
  • Contains two powerful, organic whole-food blends to deliver a broad spectrum of pytonutrients*
  • Can be taken any time of the day, even on an empty stomach

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Vitamin Complex C - The Immune Champion

Complex C - Vitamin C that contains 30% more Vitamin C than oranges

Complex C contains Amla fruit, which is also known as an Indian goooseberry or amalaki.

Very rich in Vitamin C (30% more than oranges), it contains many minerals and some Vitamin B Complex...

Phenolic Blend in Complex C

These are polyphenos, and there are 4 main groups.

  • Flavonoids - 60% of all polyhenols
  • Phenolic acids - accoutns for about 30% of all polypheniois...
  • Polypenolic amides - includes capsaichinoids in chili peppers and aventhrmides in oats.
  • Other polyphenois - includes resveratrol


Polyphenols are beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties that may help keep you healthy and protect against various diseases. They can be subdivided into flavonoids, phenolic acid, polyphenolic amides, and other polyphenols.

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